Greenhouse on Grant Street

Watch a building contractor and a librarian/writer, Yuppie scum who should know better, rescue an abandoned urban greenhouse in Buffalo, NY and launch an organic herb business

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

We own it

We finally closed on the greenhouse today. It took about an hour in Erie County Hall under the most hideous yellow-green fluorescent office lighting I have experienced in some time. I wonder if the clerks have Seasonal Affective Disorder year-round.

Vince went and secured the property and noticed that someone recently 'broke trail' through the weeds and found their way into the back wing of the building. How did he know? The appearance of a fresh condom on the floor. If having safe sex is the worst that trespassers have been doing, I am greatly relieved. Better that than graffiti, drinking, drugging, and vandalism.

Despite the virtual jungle in the back yard, this is very much an urban property. We have no illusions about it.


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